Private Lessons

At Kore Koncepts, we understand the important educational impact training with fellow shooters has. Learning from each other, failing together, and ultimately becoming better shooters together provides camaraderie as well as a positive and friendly learning environment. 

That being said, we completely understand how these group settings can often be intimidating to a first time shooter. Therefore, Kore Koncepts offers private instruction for 1 - 4 students. 

Whether you're seeking a 1 on 1 lesson, or have a friend to join, our lead instructor, Billy Stephens will discuss with you your goals for the lesson before hand, and tailor a course specifically to you.  All private lessons are taught at an indoor range, providing comfort and extreme safety.  

If you're a first time shooter having never handled a gun before, or simply want to hone your skills on a specific weapons platform, our private lessons are for you! 

Contact us today at for full details, and to schedule your class today. 

**All private lessons are taught in Camas, Washington.**