1. Why Kydex over leather or nylon?
Kydex is waterproof, scratch resistant, and is available in a ton of different colors and patterns to choose from. It is an extremely easy material to maintain; just wash with soap and warm water.
Please Note: DO NOT attempt to wash your holster in a dishwasher or other machine type washer.  The heat will destroy the holster and void all warranties.
2. Can Kydex wear the finish off my gun?
With any material, continued friction from drawing and re-holstering will wear the finish on your firearm. That said, gouging or excessive wear could be indicative of improper fit. Contact us with any questions about slide wear. Please include photographs if possible.
3. How do I maintain my holster?
By nature, Kydex is extremely durable and is very low maintenance. You should inspect your holster regularly to ensure tightness of screws, for signs of wear and ensure the holster is clear of any and all obstructions. 
4. Will modifying my holster void the warranty?
Yes. DO NOT make any attempts to modify or change your holster in anyway. Any modifications void any warranty and make the holster ineligable for return.  If you are not happy with your holster or would like a modification to be made, please contact us and we will facilitate the changes.
5. I don't see the color or pattern I want on the website?
No problem. Please send us an email with the desired color / print or image and we will get it made.
6. Why hasn't my order shipped?
All orders carry a lead time that is listed on the individual product pages. Lead times are estimates, and based on a business calendar. (5 business days = 7 calendar days) If the estimated lead time for your order has passed and no shipping info has been received, please contact us for an update.
NOTE: All quickship items ship within 1-3 business days.
7. How do I cancel or modify my order?
Because every item is built to order, changes are generally not possible after an order has been placed. Special belt attachments, Kydex prints, colors etc. may be ordered specifically for your order. 
Please send us an email IMMEDIATELY if you wish to make any changes to your order. If items have not been ordered, we will accommodate the changes.
We understand that circumstances change, people buy and sell new firearms, or decide to go an alternative route for their holster needs. Because of this, we do allow order cancellations with this exception:
Due to every item being made to order, cancellations with a full refund are not possible once your holster has been started. If our shop has already begun work on your holster, you may cancel the order, less 20%.
8. What is the warranty you offer?
All products come with a limited lifetime warranty no questions asked. Limited to materials and craftsmanship only, any modifications to the holster will void the warranty. Negligence in use of the holster (running it over with vehicles, leaving it in direct heat for prolonged periods, preforming "stress tests" etc.) will void the warranty as well. Please save your receipt/ invoice and contact us with any questions.
9. Do you offer a Military or L.E. discount?
Thank you for your service.  We absolutely do offer a 10% discount to all Veterans, those currently serving, and all Law Enforcement, Corrections, and retired officers.  Please send us an email at info@korekonceptsus.com and we will send you a one time use discount code.